Today young people are more and more connected. They use their smartphones and tablets to be informed. In this world where the news ciculates faster than ever, how the new generation does she react?


  To my greatest surprise we can observe a really evolution in the use of four types of medias during 2013. Effectivally in a graph published by the Pew Research Center, we can see that : television more or less stable rest (from 74% in year 2001 to 69% in year 2013) it's not a great surprise, people like TV. It's the same for radio (from 18% in 2001 to 23% in 2013) but the real change is for newspaper ( from 45% to 28% ) customer numbers plunged. It can be explained by the explosion of internet who becomes the first source of information (from 13% in 2001 to 50! in 2013) in the world. Today everybody is connected(practically everybody).


  But is the informations on internet reliable? Great question ! and in general is the media reliable (the four see previouslly)? my answer is based on a survey. we can observe that : male respondents trend to trust that newspaper and TV are the most sincere while we have seen that newspaper are less read than internet. And surprisingly this media is the less sincere!.. strange no? Female respondents trust that radio is equal to newspaper and TV for the male but internet is, even there, at the end of list.


  I ask myself whether ineternet becomes bigest than the three other media together... It's possible! I would well see people inquiring only about internet and with the television because it's the media which the most set of scale lately. 


  I hope that this article allowed you to report you the sudden evolution of the media and I invite you to leave a comment to discuss it! :)